Vulture Systems, LLC was formed in 2015 but our history goes back much farther than the company’s inception.

2001: Vulture systems first prototype utilizing off the shelf radios to alert solely for tip-up fishing.

2013: A new version was devised utilizing cellular modules that sent SMS messages directly to a phone. Once again this was done solely for personal use. Vulture Systems quickly came to the realization that there are many areas without good cell coverage, cellular charges were too high, smart phones are a pain to handle in the winter, and we didn’t want to rely on cell phones to have charged batteries or just plain work on the ice while fishing. All of these circumstances, along with the desire to give access to this technology to fellow outdoorsman, drove us to make the commitment to bring the third generation product to life.

2015: The third generation of Vulture Systems is a long range, low power system that not only is useful in ice fishing but it also is easily adjustable for other applications such as bank fishing, trapping, security applications, and trail monitoring.

Vulture Systems has gone through many iterations and changes to make this product a reality.  It involved lots of testing, tooling of enclosures, and help from others.  Below is a snapshot of the past few years that made Vulture Systems come to reality!

IMG_1622               IMG_1621

Original Vulture Systems Sensor Enclosure – February 2015


Vulture Systems First Sensor Prototype – May 2015


Vulture Systems “Test” Team

The Vulture Vision

Vulture Systems’ vision was to provide a long range, flexible, and low cost solution that could be utilized year round.  Other products on the market are geared only towards ice fishing so you can only use it a few months out of the year. By adding another level of notifications and monitoring of your tip ups, fishing lines, and traps, our goal is to provide the user a means of becoming a more responsible outdoors man/woman. Quicker notification allows the user the ability to attend to lines quicker, attend to traps quicker, and know that something or someone is close by. In fishing, we believe that this all enables the ability to catch more fish and more importantly allows for better catch and release possibilities. In trapping, this allows for catching more animals and more importantly allows for more humane catch and release opportunities. In hunting, this allows early notification of an animal coming into your vicinity in hopes of providing you early warnings to better prepare.

Vultures are scavenging birds of prey that circle high above in search of free meals. The intent of our system is to provide you the long range notifications quickly so you don’t lose them to the “Vultures.”


US Pat. No. 10,827,735

Look for more products coming soon!

We welcome any feedback on our existing products or future product ideas. We are committed to bring your product needs to life… After all, it gives us a great reason to get out and See Farther, Fish Better, Hunt Smarter, and Trap Faster.