Anton Wiesner 

Anton also know as “The Champ” is a founding member of Grim Outdoors and is from Elmore, WI.  Anton has an extreme passion for chasing slob pike.  He is one of the best pike fisherman around and enjoys teaching and helping others through his social media. Grim’s motto is “As Real As it Gets” and that sums up Anton perfectly.

“The Vultures are always watching!  I never fish without them when chasing SLOOOBS.” – Anton

Justin Bue

Justin is a member of Grim Outdoors and is from southern Wisconsin.  Justin’s passion is ice fishing for Northern Pike.  Justin is a valuable member of the Vulture family and has been instrumental in helping us get the word out to.  He is a wealth of knowledge and an avid pike fisherman.

“I started fishing when I was 10 years old and instantly became addicted. Vultures have increased my success, range, and reaction time to assist me in my continued search for big slob pike.” – Justin

Andy Winder

Andy is located in Birch Hills, Saskatchewan and is the founder of Caught & Released Canada. Andy has a passion for pike fishing and a huge proponent of catch and release.

“The Vultures are key to me being able to quickly land and release the fish I’m targeting.” – Andy

Al Forbes

Al is from Menomonee Falls, WI and is a member of Ice Junkies Outdoors and Clam Outdoors.  Al has a passion for ice fishing and is an equal opportunity fisherman that switches up his target species based on the yearly bite progression. Al primarily targets trout, walleye, pike, crappies, and gills through the ice.

“I would give up any day on my boat to get on the ice. Nothing more that I enjoy than hearing the beep, beep, beep from my Vultures.” – Al

Jason Wolf

Jason also known as “Beeper” is from St. Cloud, WI.  Jason is a member of Grim Outdoors.  Beeper targets large pike and walleye all winter long.

“My kids and I will never put a tip up in the water again without a Vulture monitoring them!” – Jason