Easy to use, anywhere & everywhere

Transmits up to 1 Mile Line Of Sight

With unmatched 2-way RF signal penetration through and into structures & buildings

Unmatched Configurable Battery Power

Sensor battery life that can last from 5 weeks to 6 months minimum of continuous operation

Monitors For Motion Based Heat Signatures

Monitor Trails.
Use for Security.
*select motion models

6 To 1

Track more. Vulture systems allow you to pair 6 unique sensors to 1 remote handheld

Perfect for Night Use

Highly visible LED lights...and better yet, it can also be used as a flashlight

Versatile, Multi-Use Sensors

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How It Works

Real Fisherman. Real Hunters. Real Products

You love the thrill of the catch and the hunt.  You want something that allows you to enjoy this experience just a little bit more.  We’ve felt this need and have developed these products just for you.  These products are perfect for ice fishing, bank fishing, trapping, hunting, and in the off season you can use it for home security!

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