Vulture system is easy to use, anywhere & everywhere.

Unmatched features, like transmitting and receiving > 1 mile Line of Sight, Motion/Magnet trigger mechanisms, and configurable battery power make this system ideal for so many more applications.

Tip Up Fishing

Setup your VultureNet sensor to monitor your tip ups while ice fishing.

Bank/Shore Fishing

Rig your your VultureNet sensor to your bank pole setup using a key chain loop or clip to send an alarm when line is pulled out.  Perfect for night fishing catfish or walleyes.


Setup the VultureNet Magnet sensor to your live trap door or any other trap to know immediately upon catching something.

Trail Monitoring (PIR Motion Sensor)

Set the VultureNet motion sensor on your favorite trail as an early alert monitor.

IMG_4053      IMG_4056

Trail Monitoring (Magnet & Fishing Line Across Trail)

Tie your Magnet Trigger line across your favorite trail as a fool proof way to know someone or something is coming down the trail.



Setup your VultureNet motion sensor to alert you of the animal or person walking in it’s vicinity or setup a trigger line to your back door or back shed door to know that someone is trying to enter.

Sensor Holder Ease of Use

The VutlureNet Sensors are very easy to install using the Sensor Holder.