The VultureNet system alerts you immediately when you have a strike on your tip-up, tip down, or rattle reel.  It has unmatched two way performance (up to 1 mile) and unmatched battery life.

Two way communications allows you to periodically check the status of sensors and also ensure you are within range of your sensors.

Never worry again about reading your sensors through a metal fish shanty.  The VultureNet system has excellent signal penetration ensuring you get your alarms while staying warm in your ice shanty.

The Alarm and White LED can easily been seen from several hundred yards away.  The Alarm LED can be easily disabled for those that don’t want to let the entire lake know you’re on the fish!  The White LED is useful in locating your sensors at night by pressing the associated Handheld button.  It is also useful in letting others such as fellow fisherman and snow mobiles know where your tip-ups are located.  Holding the button for 5 seconds also enables Flashlight Mode on the sensor leaving the White LED on solid as long as you’d like providing a useful light for re-baiting your lines!

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