See how we stack up against the competition.

Features VULTURE Competitor A Competitor B Comments
Communications 2-way 1-way 1-way Extremely important in knowing if you are still in range.
Battery Life (2 way) 5 weeks Not supported Not supported Battery life in 2-way mode
Range > 1 mile > 500 ft. > 600 ft. Stated read range in line of sight scenario
Waterproof Waterproof/Float Not Waterproof/Sink – Sensor Not Waterproof/Sink
– Smartphone Not Waterproof/Sink
 Important for all applications.

Vulture sensors and handheld FLOAT!

LED visibility High Power LED Low Power LED Low Power LED Don’t look directly at the Vulture LED!
Signal Penetration High Signal Penetration Easily Blocked Easily Blocked  The combination of 2 way communications and high signal penetration is a must!
Applications Tip Ups
Bank Fishing
Motion Detection*
Tip Ups
Bank Fishing
Tip Ups * Motion Detection model must be selected
Additional Features – Flashlight Mode
– Configurable 1 way or 2 way radios
– Stealth Mode
– Wireless sensor shutdown
– Can be used as a flashlight
– Select 1 or 2 way communications based on needs
– Allows for disabling the RED ALARM LED when you don’t want others to know you are on the fish
– Allows for easy turn off when done for the day