The VultureNet system allows you to watch your traps and get instant notifications from up to 1 mile away. Identify trap status and location remotely and receive message notifications when traps are triggered.  The system is perfect for trapping in your backyard or trapping on your property.  The VultureNet system is NOT limited to only live traps.  The Sensors trigger mechanism can be easily adapted to work on other types of traps!

Animal control companies use the system to get instant notification of a triggered trap.  Instant notifications of trapped animals allows for the following:

  • Humane treatment of the animal
  • Quicker removal/relocation of the animal
  • Quicker reset of a trap to catch more animals
  • Immediate notification of tripped trap

The Magnet & Motion Trigger version of the sensor provides another level of monitoring a trap.  The Motion Trigger version allows for getting a notification of an animal entering a trap while the Magnet Trigger version provides a notification of the status of the trap door.  The Motion Trigger version is useful in knowing if an animal entered the trap and left without tripping the door.  This provides an option for the trapper to quickly visit and re-bait the trap.  It also provides valuable information to the trapper to know the following situations:

  • The animal entered but left the trap – re-bait!
  • The animal entered, triggered the trap, and got away – re-bait and reset!
  • The animal entered, triggered the trap, and is in the trap – relocate, re-bait, and reset!

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